Absolutes Recap: The Purple and Brown Belts


The IBJJF rounded out a weekend of fantastic action with the adult purple and brown belt absolute divisions. 

The theme of this tournament has been complete domination by the Atos team, and that was accentuated by the performances of Kaynan Duarte and Jonnatas Gracie.

Both Atos athletes went against ADCC vets from the Danaher Death Squad in the first round. Gracie was victorious over Ethan Crelinstein 7-0, and Duarte defeated Oliver Taza 6-2.

In the semifinal Gracie would face off with Unity BJJ athlete and ultra-heavyweight champ Devhonte Johnson. Johnson went up 2-0 to start the match when a tight darce choke brought the athletes out of bounds. Gracie would equalize with a sweep, and win the tie break based off an earlier penalty on Devhonte.

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Last modified: December 18, 2017

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