Buchecha vs. Dimitrius Souza at IBJJF Heavyweight Grand Prix


The 2017 IBJJF Heavy Weight Pro Grand Prix took place on August 26 at the Las Vegas Convention. Buchecha and Dimitrius were among strongest participants of the championship. 

Buchecha tried a shot but Dimitrius avoided. Souza pulled guard and worked a flexible bottom game, with Buchecha patiently stripping grips and looking for openings.

A lightning-fast bullfighter pass saw Buchecha briefly attack the back, but Souza recovered guard without giving up points.

Buchecha had to avoid a series of tricky lapel attacks from Souza, including one that resulted in a brief omoplata attack.

Almeida dived on a gnarly neck-crank type of rear-naked choke in the final 20 seconds but was denied by the buzzer.

Buchecha took the win via points 0-0 (2-0 adv).

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Last modified: August 30, 2017

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