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BJJ Ukraine – Jiu Jitsu News

BJJ Ukraine Ukrainian BJJ fighters are known all over the world. The strongest athletes of the country fight on the international arena and win gold medals

Yaroslav Blazhko — the bronze medalist of the “European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2020”

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The international BJJ event “European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2020” took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on 20-26 January....

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The “Khmelnytskyi Bjj Autumn Cup 2018” results

The “Khmelnytskyi Bjj Autumn Cup 2018” has taken place in Khmelnytskyi city on October 20th....

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Ukrainian fighters brought gold from Geneva

Ukrainian sportsmen from SC “Borets”/ ZR Team performed at the “Geneva International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship”....

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Forthcoming “Kyiv Open jiu-jitsu championship 2018”

The “Kyiv Open Jiu-Jitsu championship 2018” will be held in the Ukrainian capital on October 14th....

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«Tigers» took the first team place in Lvov!

The “Lviv Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2018 GI” was held on September 29th....

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Upcoming “Khmelnytskyi Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2018”

The “Khmelnytskyi Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2018” has been set for November 10th and will be held at the SK “Epitsentr” in Khmelnytskyi city....

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SC “Fight Sports Kiev” (Kiev)

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“Fight Sports Kiev” is the Ukrainian sub-school of the International Grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy which is run by the famous fighter and multiple champion Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. The “Fight...

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Forthcoming Ukrainian championship “Lviv Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2018 GI”

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The “Lviv Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2018 GI” championship has been set for September 29th and will be held at the SC “Hratsiya” in Lviv city....

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Ukrainian fighters came back from the “Munich Open 2018” with gold!

Ukrainian fighters from the SC “Borets” / ZR Team successfully competed at the prestigious international tournament “Munich Open 2018”. The championship took place in Germany on February 18th....

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Ukrainian club championship “Ivano-Frankivsk Open Jiu-Jitsu”

The Ivano-Frankivsk city will host Brazilian jiu-jitsu club championship “Ivano-Frankivsk Open Jiu-Jitsu”....

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