Copa Podio: Iron Brown Belt Challenge


One of the top promotions in jiu-jitsu’s professional circuit – Copa Podio is setting up their heavyweight Grand Prix for 2017.

Famed for revealing talented brown belt athletes, on November 12, at Clube Espanha, Humaita, Rio de Janeiro, Copa Podio will be hosting the Iron Brown Belt challenge, which will decide who will secure a spot at the Heavyweight GP, which brings season 5 to a close in January 2018.

For the imminent heavyweight Grand Prix, the #1 brown belt seed is already taken, it will be handed to the finalist of the last show – Fellipe Andrew. But there are two spots and in trying to decide who will take the remaining vacancy Copa Podio is organizing a special event on November 12 – the Iron Brown Belt.

Athletes Victor Hugo (Ribeiro JJ), Fabio Alano “Kamikase” (Alliance RS), Kayan Duarte (Atos) and Fellipe Trovo (Ushirobira JJ) have already been called up for the challenge, in which fighters all compete against each other until one has attained four victories. The winner earns a spot in the Heavyweight GP, next season.

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Last modified: November 10, 2017

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