Demian Maia challenges McGregor to BJJ match


After unsuccessfully facing Tyron Woodley for the welterweight belt, the Brazilian submission artist will take on Colby Covington at UFC Sao Paulo, on October 28.

Maia had some thoughts towards the duel with Conor McGregor . Thus Maia noted: “I have no plans to go into boxing. But, if McGregor wants a super fight in BJJ, I’m in”.

About the Mayweather fight, he also added: “Much more than the fight, what was put in place was a piece of marketing to generate money. Conor did well, lasted ten rounds, but it was noticeable that Floyd controlled the contest from round three”.

“BJJ,” he went on, “is a fundamental art. Conor challenged Floyd and fought for ten rounds against the greatest of all time. Now, if it were Floyd challenging a beginner – a blue-belt, or even a white-belt with some training, – he would last just a few minutes”.

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Last modified: September 1, 2017

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