Demian Maia: IBJJF Needs To Simplify the Rules


Demian Maia had a very cool interview just recently – he spent some time with the girls of the Mat Therapy Podcast. There he got the chance to answer the burning question in the minds of all jiu-jiteiros watching the UFC: How come it’s taken so long for him to get a title shot.

As far as UFC title shot goes: “I hope you know, around October. Something like that will be perfect. I don’t believe until the contract is signed”

Maia went on the Mat Therapy Podcast and shared quite a few interesting tidbits about life, fighting and jiu-jitsu.

Demian Maia also got to articulate his feelings on sub only vs point’s matches: I like both (sub only and points). I think there is a space for both. They talk about sub only for many years now. It’s not a new thing. In Brazil in the 90s there were some championships that were like that. Half an hour, an hour. Renzo Gracie fought like that. ”

On rules:” The main thing about jiu-jitsu is they need to simplify the rules. Like IBJJF jiu-jitsu. For me, ADCC rules are the best. It’s easy to understand. You’re on bottom you flip the guy over on top that’s 2 points can be a sweep can be a flip over. That’s the principle.”

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Last modified: November 8, 2017

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