Demian Maia Jiu-jitsu is Still the Mainstay of MMA


For Demian Maia it became clear that BJJ is the ultimate way to differentiate fight skill.

During press appearance for UFC Sao Paolo he said the following:

“I think jiu-jitsu is still the mainstay of MMA,” Maia said. “I thought about it when I saw (Floyd) Mayweather’s (boxing) fight against (Conor) McGregor. [McGregor] lasted 10 rounds, but if it was Mayweather (in jiu-jitsu) against a blue belt or even a white belt with a year of training, he would have lost in a minute. I have no doubts (about that).

“All the martial acts were created in real fights, and then [these martial arts] were lost. And then when you get someone who rescues them and brings them back in a modern way, I like to see it. I prefer to see a specialist rather than someone who is just good at everything.”

Even though Maia credits excellent wrestling camps for his success in the octagon he’s still an adamant representative of bjj.

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Last modified: September 12, 2017

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