EBI 14 Results: Jones and Ryan Dominated in Absolute


The well-known submission only promotion presented its last show of the year, and with it EBI’s open weight champion.

EBI 14 “The Absolutes” gathered 16 athletes of different grappling backgrounds, having in 3x EBI champion Gordon Ryan the biggest name on the set. As was predicted, and with similar effortless disposition to Ryan’s, Australian sensation Craig Jones dominated his side of the brackets, earning a spot in the final and making it look easy with less than 90 seconds of mat time.

The final was an even match with no clear submission opportunities, and both athletes exchanging top and bottom positions at will. The match went to over time where Gordon’s superior horsepower made a big difference in controlling Jones’ movement and dominating the positional exchange. Craig did have an absolute killer armbar on Ryan on the 2nd round of over-time which Ryan narrowly escaped, but in the end victory was his by RNC on round 2.

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Last modified: December 5, 2017

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