Felipe Pena overcame injuries to claim IBJJF World Title


With two injured knees and an ankle so bad he could barely walk, Felipe Pena overcame the ordeal of his division at the «World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF 2018» to bounce back and claim his first IBJJF World title.

The heavyweight had one of the toughest runs of the tournament, beating Adam Wardzinski, Xande Ribeiro, Fellipe Andrew and finally the super tough Patrick Gaudio.

Pena, who this year won the Abu Dhabi World Pro, Marianas Open is both an ADCC absolute champion and an ACB Gi and No-Gi champ. On top of that, his World title places him among the top pound-for-pound black belts in the game.

With this title I conquered every major title in the sport, ADCC, World Pro and Worlds, with the absolute title at ADCC and World Pro. My main objective now is to conquer World absolute, I’m going to try to recover my injuries and will focus the rest of the year on super fights.” – said Pena.

Champion Romulo Barral commented this win: “You want to win; you’ve got to pay the price. No words, congrats my brother, once more you showed what it really is to have heart. Fought four tough matches, like so, debilitated, but with a lot of willpower and heart. World champion 2018.


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Last modified: June 6, 2018

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