Fellipe Trovo Joins Romulo Barral’s Killer Gracie Barra Squad


Romulo Barral’s fearsome competition team at Gracie Barra Northridge just got a boost of fresh talent with the arrival of Fellipe Trovo.

The recently-promoted black belt, who is 23 and hails from near the city of Sao Paulo, arrived in California to train with Barral alongside noted competitors such as two-time World champion Gabriel Arges, famed submission hunter Edwin Najmi and the explosive Victor Silverio.

Promoted to black belt on Dec 9, Trovo recently represented the Ushirobira Jiu-Jitsu team. He is a 2017 Brazilian champion who took gold in the super-heavyweight division after submitting all of his opponents.

Romulo Barral responded his characteristic enthusiasm when talking about there young talent joining his team.

“I watch all the up-and-coming guys, but I have never been the guy who calls guys to my team, I don’t do that. When people want to come to my team, I’m the guy who says ‘Are you sure?’

“With Trovo, he respects his team but I talked to him and he told me his dreams. He is from a small town in Brazil, he doesn’t have a lot of opportunities. He respects his professor but he needs something more to grow.”

“I said he would be more than welcome and I would be happy to help him achieve his goals. He is a young kid and I think he has a lot of potential. I am looking forward to see what the future has for him.

“He just arrived, he has his first training session. I think he enjoyed a lot. Now he’s going to represent Gracie Barra Northridge and I’m glad to add his monster to the team.”

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Last modified: February 15, 2018

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