Fighter who had his heart stop and got revived plans to keep competing in BJJ


BJJ takes a new highs and it seems that it is going to be as popular as MMA. This lead CJ Hancock to drastically change his career.

Recently Hancock’s heart stopped when he collapsed during LFA. Medics rushed into the ring and brought him back to life and promptly took him to the hospital where it was determined he had kidney failure as a result of weight cutting.

CJ Hancock posted a Facebook update on Saturday morning to say that he is ‘okay’ and recovering in the hospital: ‘Well I died tonight in the cage… I’m okay. Thanks everyone. My heart stopped, and I had kidney failure, they did cpr and hit me with the defibrillator twice and brought me back. Still unsure why it happened. I had a hard weight cut. Doc says I shouldn’t fight again… I’m broken, I guess I’ll just be a coach from now on… I still plan on competing in Brazilian Jiu jitsu and BJJ superfights, when I get better. Thanks to everyone that supported me!’.

In a statement sent to MMA Fighting, LFA CEO Ed Soares said Hancock actually fell seconds after he was on the receiving end of a body kick.

“It’s a very unfortunate situation where C.J. Hancock took a body kick during his fight,” Soares said in the statement. “After the kick landed, there was a few second delay, and then he collapsed in the cage. Our cutman David Maldonado immediately recognized the problem and signaled to the medical team sitting cageside. They were able to resuscitate and stabilize C.J. and took him to the hospital via ambulance where they determined he had suffered kidney failure. C.J. is currently recovering and in the company of his friends and family.”

Hancock made weight at 170.5 pounds Thursday at weigh-ins. He fought on the amateur level as high as 205 pounds.

For now, that means getting back to his first love of jiu-jitsu. He plans to compete in submission grappling tournaments. He wants to coach more. And he wants to spread the word about the dangers of weight-cutting.


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Last modified: January 25, 2018

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