Garry Tonon Thinking March 2018 Makes Sense For MMA Debut


Grappling superstar Garry Tonon is staying busy. After a long and grueling training camp for the ADCC World Championships he turned around and went directly into camp with Georges St. Pierre to prepare for his UFC 2016 title match. And since then Tonon has been cramming every bit of MMA knowledge he can find to prepare for his 2018 MMA debut.

The veteran grappler has been teasing MMA for a while now but it all became official last month when he inked a deal with leading Asian MMA promotion, OneFC.

Making an in studio appearance on The MMA Hour, Tonon dished on all things grappling, including his thoughts on DIllon Danis, grappling in the Olympics and when fans can expect to see him in the cage.

“I don’t have a date, but they were asking me when I’d be ready and I think I gave them March, so sometime around March”.

“This is a brand new sport for me. I don’t really have experience in mixed martial arts. Tonon said. I’m pretty motivated, because I’m going to be locked in a cage with someone who wants to punch and kick my head off. So I better get good fast!”

Although Tonon’s future lies in MMA he still isn’t willing to give up grappling completely just yet. In fact Tonon will compete in the Kasai Lightweight Pro Invitational just next month. He’ll compete in a round robin style tournament against some of the toughest names in jiu-jitsu, AJ Agazarm, Mansher Khera, Gianni Grippo and more.

For now Tonon remains committed to both MMA and grappling but when The MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani asked him about his future in grappling Tonon said: “I’m obviously headed more towards MMA now but jiu-jitsu will always be my roots”.

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Last modified: November 23, 2017

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