Gordon Ryan’s Thoughts on a Potential Erberth Santos Match Are Priceless


We’re psyched for the upcoming match on KASAI Pro between Gordon Ryan and two-time ADCC and two-time IBJJF World No-Gi champion Yuri Simoes.

But we almost got a very different match: Gordon revealed that his opponent was initially supposed to be none other than Erberth Santos.

“Erberth also actually asked Mo (Jassim) for a match with me,” says Gordon. 23-year-old Brazilian Erberth Santos is, of course, the black belt IBJJF 2017 World champion and 2016 Abu Dhabi World Pro champion.

An explosive and dangerous competitor, like Gordon Erberth has enjoyed a meteoric journey through the highest levels of the sport, but their paths have never come close to crossing.

And while Gordon is super excited for his upcoming match with Simoes, he would welcome the chance to face off with Santos too.

“I’ll be happy to compete against Erberth, I don’t think Erberth stands a chance against me. I think I’m way better than him, without the gi at least, in every position there is”.

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Last modified: November 23, 2017

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