Gustavo Batista got black belt!


Gustavo Batista of NS Brotherhood received his well-deserved black belt from coach Leandro Lo over the weekend. Batista has been terrorizing the brown belt division, but what’s more amazing is how quickly he has risen through the ranks.

January 2018 will mark Batista’s sixth anniversary of starting jiu-jitsu. He stayed one year as a white belt, 2 1/2 years as a blue belt, one year at purple, and one year and three months at brown belt. That’s a total of five years of nine months to get a black belt!

In that time, Batista conquered titles such as the IBJJF European Championships (double gold) as a brown belt and has consistently medaled at almost every major tournament.

“It was an incredible sensation [to receive the belt],” Batista said. “I am really happy and motivated. I always imagined this since I was a blue belt and now the time has come.”


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Last modified: October 27, 2017

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