Gustavo Batista joined Atos


Standout heavyweight Gustavo Batista have left Leandro Lo’s NS Brotherhood team to join Andre Galvao at Atos. The world-class black belt made the announcement that he will represent Galvao’s powerhouse squad, which is based in San Diego. 

“I chose to train with Andre for the great leader that he is, who does excellent work that is shown in the results, and that’s without saying what an amazing athlete and great inspiration he is to many — and for the great competition team that Atos has,” Batista told. “There are many tough athletes in search of the same objectives, this is a great motivation.”

Galvao said: “It’s a great addition to our team Atos HQ. We will give him all the support on and off the mats, just like we do for our whole team. We want him to grow even more. We are all happy to have him with us!”

As a medium-heavyweight, Batista enters the same division as a number of key members of the squad. Keenan Cornelius, Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa, and even Galvao himself are all known to compete in the division.


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Last modified: January 31, 2018

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