Jiu-jitsu start in Ukraine


Today there are many schools and clubs of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Ukraine. Talented Ukrainian fighters proudly represent their country at the European and world championships. But, how did the Jiu-Jitsu originated in Ukraine?

Thanks to a number of masters who practiced jiu-jitsu in Ukraine in the 80s of the 20th century, this sport is so popular today. Athletes Victor Gutov, Viktor Kraevsky, Arkady Kudryashov, Viktor Malyutenko, Sergei Protasenko were among the pioneers who practiced and popularized jiu-jitsu on the territory of Ukraine.

In 1998 the all-Ukrainian public organization “Jiu-Jitsu Association of Ukraine” was founded. It became possible due to efforts of a group of like-minded and enthusiasts. Since then, all-Ukrainian championships, cups, seminars and various tournaments are launched in Ukraine.

Today there are more than 9 thousand sports clubs in Ukraine where everyone can teach the subtleties of jiu-jitsu. In addition, the techniques of BJJ are now in the arsenal of Ukrainian special services training sessions.


Last modified: November 17, 2017

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