Joao Assis Stays Undefeated At F2W With Victory Over Braga Neto


Multiple matches in tonight’s Fight To Win were worthy of the main event space, as the card was packed with rising stars, veteran talent, and multiple-time world champions.

However, the matchup of the evening belonged to super-heavyweights, Joao Assis and Antonio Braga Neto.

Early in the match, Assis made his way to X-Guard where he attempted to topple the very well-balanced Neto. Assis secured strong grips from the X position, with one on his opponent’s far pant leg and the other tightly wrapped up around the near leg via the lapel.

Traditionally, this would lead to an easy sweep for most, but the superior balance and heavy weight of Neto made it nearly impossible for Assis to advance his position.

Realizing the two were at a stalemate, Assis gave up his grips and elected to attack the foot with a straight ankle lock.

Neto wasn’t fazed by the attack but immediately upped his intensity, seeking an attack of his own to even the score. Assis was able to control the oncoming Neto, and again went for an ankle lock late in the match.

This was enough to seal the ref’s decision and the victory for Assis in the main event of the night.

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Last modified: February 5, 2018

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