Australian BJJ black belt Kit Dale has been recovering from a serious knee injury that has kept him away from high level Jiu-Jitsu competition for close to 2 years. He finally got surgery on his knee in January 2016. During his time off, he has been working on his acting career, and had a role in the movie ‘Iron Sky 2’ that was being filmed in Europe.

Dale has won the World Pro at blue and purple belt and until he reached black belt, had only lost 6 matches in competition. He is Australia’s most accomplished competitor ever, having competed at Copa Podio, Metamoris and Polaris.

Dale made a triumphant return to BJJ competition in September, winning both his divisions in Gi and No Gi in grappling industries Australia.

Now he has done even better: He won the Asian ADCC trials in Japan and won his ticket for the ADCC worlds that will be held in Finland in October 2017. He had three matches and defeated the Hong Kong based BJJ black belt Viking Wong in the final of the 88kg division.


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Last modified: May 16, 2017

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