Lovato Jr Beats Spriggs For F2W No-Gi Title


Rafael Lovato Jr. earned the heavyweight no-gi title tonight at Fight To Win Pro 64 after defeating Tim Spriggs in a 10-minute sub-only match.

After wrestling for the first two minutes of the match, Lovato jumped guard and brought the fight to the ground. Spriggs attempted to pass the Ribeiro black belt’s guard but was unable, and eventually found himself on one leg as Lovato came up on a single-leg from bottom.

The highly experienced Lovato finished the takedown and advanced to a strong passing position where he collapsed in on Spriggs with vice-like pressure. Unable to thwart off the encroaching passer, Spriggs was forced to turtle which was the beginning of the end for the Lloyd Irvin heavyweight.

Lovato showed the experience, control, and composure of a true expert as he maneuvered to the back, secured the figure-four body lock, and maintained back control as Spriggs stood up to shake off his attacker.

A minute or two of hand-fighting was all Lovato needed to cinch up the rear naked choke and submit Spriggs for the victory and no-gi heavyweight title.

Source Link: http://: https://www.flograppling.com/articles/6120859-lovato-jr-beats-spriggs-for-f2w-no-gi-title

Last modified: February 26, 2018

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