Lucas Pinheiro Joins Atos Just Two Weeks Out From IBJJF 2018 Worlds


Roosterweight Lucas Pinheiro has joined Andre Galvao’s squad of medal hopefuls just over two weeks out from the IBJJF 2018 World Championships in Long Beach, Ca.

Pinheiro, a black belt from Manaus, Brazil, but based in Dallas, Texas, took bronze at 2017 Worlds and is coming off a gold at the recent San Diego Open.

Explaining his decision to switch from his old team of Alex Martins Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the powerhouse that is Atos, Pinheiro said:

“I was very well received on the team by everyone, including both the athletes and the instructors. They didn’t have any roosterweight black belt, and I was told that I would also be a great addition to the team.”

Pinheiro is a well-known face on the competition scene and regularly places on the podiums at light-featherweight and roosterweight.

“I chose Atos because I wanted to be part of a big team that could offer me the support I need when harder and specific training becomes necessary since most of my students in Texas are lower belts and none of them are professional athletes,” he said. “I’ve also always been a big fan of Rafael Mendes and Andre Galvao, so being able to learn from them every day is like a dream coming true for me.”

For Worlds, Pinheiro will compete at the lowest weight category, rooster, where Atos has not had any representatives until now.

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Last modified: May 16, 2018

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