One Week Until Rio Grand Slam 94kg Division is STACKED


The UAEJJF 2017 Rio Grand Slam is just one week out, and while many divisions are waiting for late registrations to fill the brackets out, the Men’s 94kg Black Belt division is already shaping up to be an exceptional affair.

The Top 2 UAEJJF Ranked Belts Are in The Same Division. Adam Wardzinski and Lucas Barbosa are ranked 1st and 2nd (respectively) in the UAEJJF. Though the brackets haven’t been drawn up yet, there is a decent chance these two will meet at some point during the event.
The two have already faced each other once this year: Barbosa came out on two advantage points at the LA Grand Slam in September. We’re certain Wardzinski took home some lessons from that match and will be eager to stop Barbosa from biting any further into his lead on the top ranking position.

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Last modified: November 6, 2017

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