Rafael Mendes Retires – at age 27


Much has been rumored about the lack of application for Worlds by Rafa Mendes and now he’s issued his own statement.

“I’ve dedicated the past 16 years of my life to jiu-jitsu. Because of this art I had the opportunity to travel the world, meet people that I never thought I would meet and compete against the previous champions that inspired me to push myself harder everyday. I’ve won the world championship 6 times, adcc twice and cemented myself as the greatest featherweight of all time. There’s nothing left to prove.

Some may see this as an end, but for me it’s the beginning of something new. the same dedication and passion that i put towards my competition career will now be refocused to other aspects of my life.” — Rafael Mendes.

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Last modified: November 8, 2017

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