Results: Eddie Cummings vs Jacob Sandoval at F2W Pro 56


With a cast containing the likes of Eddie Cummings, Talita Alencar, Nicky Ryan, Marvin Casetlle, John Combs, and more, it’s no surprise that fans were treated to the best F2W card in recent memory at F2W Pro 56.

The Main Event: Eddie Cummings vs Jacob Sandoval.

Eddie Cummings instills a certain fear in most of his opponents – go back and review any of his old matches and you’ll notice a persuasive theme: disengagement. Thankfully tonight at Fight To Win pro 56, Jacob Sandoval was not so timid. The Cobrinha stand out entered Cummings dangerous guard with zero trepidation.

Unfortunately for Sandoval, his eagerness ultimately led to his downfall. Cummings was in the drivers seat most of the match, threatening arm drags, legocks, and sweeps from his deadly butterfly guard. Cummings set up the finish with what might have be the smoothest back take we’ve ever seen. The RNC came on quick and hard- a beautiful performance from Eddie Cummings.

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Last modified: December 4, 2017

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