Ricardo De La Riva Promoted To Seventh Degree Red & Black Belt


Jiu-jitsu innovator Ricardo de la Riva was promoted to seventh-degree red and black belt in an emotional ceremony that was attended by luminaries from the world of jiu-jitsu and MMA.

The well-known technician – who lends his name to the de la riva guard – received the belt from Robson and Reyson Gracie, the two oldest and most senior members of the famous family.

The ceremony was attended by over 200 of De la Riva’s black belt students, who travelled from as far as Europe and the U.S. for the special occasion. Numerous figures sent video messages of appreciation and congratulations, including Anderson Silva, Royler Gracie, Ricardo Liborio and many others.

Trained firsthand by the legendary Carlson Gracie, De la Riva became known to the wider jiu-jitsu community in the late 1980s when he defeated Royler Gracie.

The event took place in the neighborhood of Copacabana just blocks away from his gym where he teaches jiu-jitsu. De la Riva gave a technical seminar to attendees shortly after the ceremony where he covered techniques from the position that bears his name.

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Last modified: November 20, 2017

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