Riled Up Erberth Santos Fires Back At Gordon Ryan


Super heavyweight black belt world champion Erberth Santos didn’t respond kindly to Gordon Ryan’s comments.

Speaking during the interview, Gordon Ryan said he didn’t think Erberth stood a chance against him, and that he was better than him in every position.

Of course, Erberth saw Ryan’s comments and had this to say in response.

Gordon, don’t get it wrong, you’ve already beaten some big names, sure. Congratulations!

But I am very different from anybody you’ve faced before! If I fight with you, I will take your head off!

I accept a match against you, 10 minutes or no time limit. I will take off the gi (that is my speciality) but you have to compete no-gi with me under the IBJJF rules. Prepare to get spanked!”.

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Last modified: November 30, 2017

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