Rising Brazilian Talent “Duzao” Professional BJJ and Judo Player


One of the rising Brazilian talents in both jiu-jitsu and judo is Eduardo Lopes – commonly known as Duzao.

The ultra-heavyweight took the BJJ world by storm recently as a blue belt, conquering all of the top tournaments in this sport, including the IBJJF World Championship (weight + absolute), Pan American Championship (weight + absolute), European Open Championship, Brazilian Championship and UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship (weight + absolute), leading to his promotion to purple belt. Now he is an owner of the brown belt.

While gaining momentum in BJJ, Eduardo also returned to his roots – judo, a sport which he started at 6 years of age, he mentioned “in Pompeia, inland Sao Paulo. In 2006 I qualified to live in a training centre. I was in the Brazilian National Squad for a while also but in 2013 I had a few personal problems that took me out of the game”, – Duzao told. “I couldn’t stay away from competition for too long though. I returned to Sao Paulo for jiu-jitsu and this year I re-started competing in judo. I train at Paineiras club and compete against the pros again”.

Relocating to the state of Sao Paulo brought many benefits to Eduardo’s career, the main one was being amidst a huge hub for pro grappling events: “I live from fighting in judo and jiu-jitsu. Every weekend I have a tournament where I can collect some cash and keep a high competitive pace”.

For many a Brazilian national title and two bronze medals at the Worlds would be regarded as very serious achievements but Eduardo has much higher expectations for himself: “I tripped at the world championship and didn’t do the double gold I set for myself, but I learn a lot this year inside and outside the mats. I feel I grew a lot as an athlete in this belt and missed a few things that I can only miss at this level. After the IBJJF Worlds I was promoted to brown belt and I couldn’t be happier”. He went on to say that “now at brown belt I can’t do the same mistakes, I want to be a champion here and at black belt”.


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Last modified: February 1, 2018

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