Roberto ‘Gordo’ Correa No Longer UAEJJ Head Coach, Replaced By Ramon Lemos


After two years as head coach of the UAE national jiu-jitsu team, Roberto “Gordo” Correa will be moving on from the position.

Gordo, commonly known as the innovator who developed the concept of the modern half guard, decided not to renew his contract with the UAE national team.

“We ended the contract after two years, a life goes on, and there was some small dissatisfaction on both sides. It was an excellent experience. I made some great friends and learned a lot about working together and training to be the head coach of a national team. It was cool to represent a country like UAE on the mats.”

He will be replaced as head coach by Ramon Lemos, who until now worked with the U18 members of the national team.

Gordo has relocated to Florida where he will teach out of Start Jiu-Jitsu and continue his work with UFC fighters such as Rafael do Anjos and Antonio Braga Neto.

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Last modified: November 1, 2017

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