SC “Borets” training camp



SC “Borets” is pleased to present a Brazilian jiu-jitsu training camp near the beautiful Kropivnitskiy city. With the support of BioTexCom center for human reproduction, head coach Ievgen Skyrda, manages to create great times for students on and off the mats. SC “Borets” training camp offer to train with one of the best Ukrainian experts in this discipline in fully equipped gyms and daily classes outside. Thanks to sponsor’s patronize, campers eat completely healthy and freshly prepared meals 5 times a day, have different sports training, play chess and have a great summer time. Brazilian jiu-jitsu training camp “Borets” was opened to make children more knowledgeable, and more accomplished grappler in spite of age, gender and current level of experience.

Last modified: July 23, 2018

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