Ukrainian fighter has reached the world BJJ ranking!


The authoritative “FloGrappling” web-based media has compiled a world rating of the best brown belt owners. And the Ukrainian sportsman Yaroslav Blazhko is also there!

The fighter from the SC “Borets” / ZR Team Yaroslav Blazhko took the fifth place in the rating. The first ten consists of the 9 Brazilian sportsmen and the only one European athlete – the Ukrainian champion!

The top ten BJJ brown belt owners:

  1. Diego Sodre (“Nova Uniao”)
  2. Lucas Rodrigues (“Atos”)
  3. Raul Basilio (“Atos”)
  4. Meyram Alves (“Lloyd Irvin”)
  5. Yaroslav Blazhko (“ZR Team”)
  6. Artur Lanes (“GF Team”)
  7. Daniel Amorim (“Atos”)
  8. Robert Oda (“Brasa CTA JapanBRA”)
  9. Gabriel Gaudio (“GF Team”)
  10. Тhiago Macedo (“Gracie Barra”)

Last modified: September 26, 2019

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