Who’s In, Who’s Out At IBJJF 2017 No-Gi Worlds


The IBJJF 2017 No-Gi World Championships is just days away. The two-day tournament goes down on Dec. 16-17 in Anaheim, CA.

There are 132 male black belts signed up for the event.

In the men’s divisions, only two champions will return in the same division in which they won in 2016.Caio Terra is back to claim his no-gi crown; he’ll be shooting for no less than his 10th consecutive IBJJF no-gi world title (five as rooster and four at light-feather). He has gone undefeated in his weight divisions at No-Gi Worlds since his first title there in 2008, and with only seven people in his division there is a 99 percent chance he’ll leave champion once again.

Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho is back at featherweight. Last year he closed out with teammate Samir Chantre, who is also signed up at feather.

Middleweight champ Marcelo Mafra has moved up to compete in the masters 1 division, while medium heavyweight champ Josh Hinger and heavyweight champ Lucas Hulk Barbosa have both switched categories, with Hinger dropping to middleweight and Hulk moving up to super heavy.

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Last modified: December 13, 2017

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