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«Jiu-jitsu is the art where a small man prove to you, no matter how strong you are, no matter how mad you get, that you’re going to have to accept defeat» Saulo Ribeiro

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is extremely popular sport in the whole world! First of all, it’s due to the fact there are no restrictions for jiu-jitsu classes! Weight, height, age, skills, and many other things cannot prevent you from starting to practice jiu-jitsu, if you have such a desire.

Moreover, jujitsu isn’t just one of sports. The well-known fact – jujitsu is a deep philosophy, way of life, thinking and behavior that go beyond the training hall and become your life.

In Ukraine, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is popular no less than it can be seen abroad. On the territory of Ukraine, many schools and clubs of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are fully functional and local couches teach and train fighters who become champions of European and even world level. What can be said only about fighters of the SC “Borets” / ZR Team Kropivnitskiy (Kropivnitskiy city), who, under the leadership of their unchangeable coach Ievgen Skyrda, regularly win gold at Ukrainian, European and world championships! http://jiujitsu.news/zrteaminlondonukrainianfighterswongold/

The “Jiu Jitsu News and World Report” project opens for you a multi-faceted and interesting world of jujitsu. Visiting our site http://jiu-jitsu.news/ you can learn more about techniques and trainings, watch video tutorial by the best Ukrainian and world masters, be kept up-to-date of the latest news and upcoming events in the world of jujitsu. Also, you have a unique opportunity to add your own information, profile of the fighter, club, and also announcement of the upcoming event http://jiu-jitsu.news/add-your-information/.

We are open to our readers and always ready for your suggestions and advices in order to improve the “Jiu Jitsu News and World Report project”! You have interesting proposals, or you find information on the site you don’t agree with? You want to share own materials to be seen by Ukrainian and European readers? So, don’t hesitate to contact us brazilianjj01@gmail.com

Royce Gracie said: “A black belt only covers two inches of your ass. You have to cover the rest”. And we will cover! 😉

Last modified: November 8, 2017

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