3 Movies Every MMA/BJJ Fan Should See


In the modern era, there have been several movies that I think are truly excellent. So, with that, here are the top 3 movies I think everyone involved with or interested in MMA or BJJ should see.

1.Choke, 1999: This is a documentary film about Rickson Gracie as he prepares for and competes in a no hold’s barred competition in Asia. There’s a lot of tension and the story is great. Also, the access granted to the filmmaker really gives you the feeling that you’re behind the scenes.

In addition to following Rickson Gracie, the documentary also follows a Japanese competitor: Koichiro Kimura, as well as an American boxer, Todd Hays.

2.The Smashing Machine, 2003: Another documentary film, this one done for HBO. This is a compelling story that is honest and tragic, about NHB fighter, Mark Kerr. Аt one point, the scariest dude around. The Smashing Machine is a cautionary tale, a story about the climb to the absolute top of the heap and then the long fall completely off the mountain.

The thrust of the Smashing Machine is, as with Choke, a behind the scenes look at MMA. This time, however, the focus is on Mark Kerr and his addiction to prescription painkillers.

3.Renzo Gracie’s Legacy, 2008: Yet another documentary style film, this one about Renzo Gracie, one of the first Gracies to move to the USA permanently.

Honorable Mention:

Red Belt, 2008: It’s a pretty good movie. David Mamet wrote and directed this film that contains all of the Mamet characteristics. Convoluted plots, tight dialogue and flawed characters.

The movie follows Mike Terry, a small time Jiu-Jitsu instructor struggling to make ends meet, and his wife, the hot, Brazilian dress maker. When a strung out lawyer hits Terry’s car a series of unlikely events begin to unfold that take Terry deeper and deeper into the corrupt world of organized, sport fighting.

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Last modified: November 8, 2017

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