ADCC 2017 Finals Results


The final results for the ADCC tournament are here! The biggest no-gi jiu jitsu tournament in the world was held in Helsinki, Finland this year.

One of the stories of the tournament was without a doubt the rise of Gordon Ryan as one of the biggest names in no-gi today. Ryan defeated three legends of the sport and confirmed his spot and proving any doubters wrong. Gordon Ryan got the gold medal in 88 kg.

Meanwhile Yuri Simoes accomplished that which has only been done once in the ADCC – win 2 world titles in separate weight classes (88kg in 2015 and 99kg this year), stealing the gold medal from Felipe Pena who is a 2nd time runner-up.

Felipe Pena was the ruler of the open weight class, where he was placed in a hell of a bracket, one with names such as Xande Ribeiro, Marcus Almeida and Victor Honorio. In the end Preguica accomplished a title that had ‘ran’ away from him for the past two events, conquering the absolute ADCC gold medal by defeating Gordon Ryan in the final.

The complete list of winners on:

Last modified: October 4, 2017

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