DJ Jackson Battles Back From Adversity, Submits James Brasco At F2W Pro 42


The match between DJ Jackson and James Brasco at F2W Pro 42 began predictably enough. 

Both men are experienced wrestlers who prefer to fight for takedowns and top position at all costs. Thus, the opening minutes saw them battle for inside control, aggressive hand fighting, and calculated shots.

Then something strange happened.  After nearly four minutes of stalemate on the feet, Jackson opted to (unsuccessfully) attempt a sacrifice throw, only to end up in a hastily constructed halfguard.

Brasco, quick to capitalize on Jackson’s risky move, laid on the pressure and fought hard to pass Jackson’s guard – nearly taking the back in the process.

But Jackson is a crafty veteran and was not to be denied- in a moment that consisted of both perfect timing and epic athleticism, Jackson bridged out from beneath Brasco and reversed the position to obtain a arm-in guillotine, where he eventually settled for half-guard.

With less than 30 seconds left, and arguably behind in the F2W judges’ eyes, Jackson dropped back for a heelhook and secured the submission victory.

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Last modified: August 3, 2017

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