“Gracie Barra Kiev” (Kiev)


The “Gracie Barra Kiev” club is a great, friendly place to train submission grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques. Club has excellent, experienced instructors who train about 100 students.

The “Gracie Barra Kiеv” club was founded in September 2008, under the guidance of a Hungarian instructor, Max Carvalho’s disciple, Tomas Varšani.

In November 2008, club held the first in Ukraine workshop on Brazilian jiu-jits. The event was attended by a well-known fighter Jose Olimpio “Zé Radiola” along with his disciple, chief instructor of the Budapest School “Gracie Barra” Max Carvalho. At the seminar, Max Carvalho awarded Tomas Varšani a blue belt of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Since January 2009, the club regularly hosts workshops with participation of Max Carvalho and leading instructors of the Budapest “Gracie Barra” club. In 2009 instructors of the club took part in the Max Carvalho’s summer training camp, which took place in the Siófok city (Hungary). Since then, the members of the club annually participate in the summer meetings held by Max Carvalho at the Balaton Lake.

Since 2009, members of the club regularly participate and win in different championships that are held in Ukraine and Europe.

In spring 2013, the “Gracie Barra Kiеv” club was registered as an official training center of the “Gracie Barra International Association”.



Last modified: October 26, 2017

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