IBJJF Pro League Heavyweight GP on August 26


Last year’s Grand Prix was an absolute success, handing out one of the bigger prizes in BJJ’s pro circuit, and this year the federation is set to raise the bar even higher.

This gi tournament is under the IBJJF ruleset, with 10-minute matches. The eight-man bracket will take place all on the same day, with the winner taking a grand prize of $40,000. Location: The Evexia Fit Fest in Las Vegas, Nevada is set to host this tournament.

The IBJJF Pro League Grand Prix 2017, set to happen in August 26, 2017 has been shaping up over the past couple of months and is already promising to bring some real heavyweight monsters to the squared arena.

Confirmed participants include:

  • 10-time world champion Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida
  • Five-time world champion Leandro Lo
  • Five-time world champion Andre Galvao
  • IBJJF Pan champion and ADCC silver medalist Joao Gabriel Rocha
  • IBJJF European gi and no-gi champion Mahamed Aly
  • GF Team powerhouse Ricardo Evangelista
  • Alliance stalwart Dimitrius Souza
  • Old school black belt champ Marcio ‘Pe de Pano’ Cruz

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Last modified: August 16, 2017

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