James Puopolo Reigns Victorious At Fight To Win Pro 39


Fight to Win Pro 39 concluded with a technical, agile match between black belt heavyweights James Foster and James Puopolo in Seattle.

The gi match, which was Puopolo’s second time being part of a F2W Pro main event, looked like it could’ve gone either way at first, but when it was all over, Puopolo was crowned the victor.

The match started off with Puopolo making a surprising choice by pulling guard against the significantly larger Foster. Although Foster was able to pass his guard, Puopolo was able to work back underneath him and work towards a leg lock. Foster was able to defend Puopolo’s initial attempt at a kneebar, but it wasn’t long before Puopolo was able to successfully finish his opponent with another kneebar.

The next F2W Pro event will take place in Philadelphia on Friday, July 14.

Source Link: http://www.flograppling.com 

Last modified: July 10, 2017

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