Lviv Open 2017 GI Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Championship


Lviv Open 2017 GI Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Championship will take place in the Ukrainian city of Lviv on 30 September 2017.

Lviv Open 2017 GI Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Championship is the great opportunity for the Ukrainian fighters to show their skills and to add own experience. The same championship was held in 2016. It must be noted last year the open championship in Lviv was held at the high level. It could be seen professional organization of the event, big comfortable gym for fighters, grandstand, electronic scoreboard and excellent prizes for winners. And the most important is that judges of the championship completely follow the IBJJF rules. It is expected that this year championship will be held just as well or better. Organizers invite juniors, adults and veterans for the participation. 

Last modified: August 23, 2017

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  1. Danilo Capuzi says:

    my name is Danilo Capuzi,

    I’m an Italian EX full contact K1 & MMA fighter (95 kg) with 119 fights,

    I’m also the Director of the “Otzuka Club Roma” the most important Martial Art Gym here.

    In my School we teach 29 different Martial Arts Courses, we are 19 teachers.

    I’m writing to you to ask to you a favor.

    I’m in Lviv till 26 afternoon for tourism.

    I think that meet local people can help me to learn something more about the place.

    I’m 45 year old I’m not so good like 10 years ago but i still like to learn and work out.

    It would be great if i can work out here just to share experience and, why not, to learn something.

    I checked on Internet but it was hard to find something on internet.
    I’d like Grappling or Bjj

    Can you help my to find something like theese?

    It would be better in Grappling, i don’t have the gi here.

    This is my school web site

    This is my record

    This is the Facebook page of my School:

    thank you so much,

    hope to meet you there!


    There is 1 my students with me (Eugenio), he is good in Kickboxing and MMA but not very good in Grappling but he is super respectfull, can he work out with us?


    Danilo Capuzi

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