More Confident Than Ever Patrick Gaudio, The Lion Of GF Team


Patrick Gaudio is the man of the moment. After beating two legends of jiu-jitsu in Romulo Barral and Claudio Calasans, the GF Team black belt is riding a high on the competition scene.

 To further stake out his place among the top names in the sport, Gaudio will compete for gold and the prize money at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in Los Angeles on September 23.

 “Every championship that passes, I feel better. And every year that passes, I feel more confident. I believe I’m evolving and that my will to win is only getting stronger. I always try to train as much as possible, and I think the results will come. It is only a matter of time”.

At the Grand Slam in Los Angeles Gaudio will compete in the -94kg division. About his opponents? He doesn’t care: “There are various tough guys. You look to your side and just see lions, so you end up becoming one too. I’m ready.” 

 Since he won gold at the 2017 Pan, Patrick has shown constant development in his takedown game, the result of a hope to hope to fight the ADCC.

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Last modified: September 22, 2017

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