Pretty good for a girl: a jiu-jitsu fighter story


At first glance it may seem that in case of danger this tiny, delicate girl will not be able to protect herself or even will break down in tears. However, an interpreter by education and now a strong athlete Nazgul Rakhaev, will not back off in such situations.

Being a child, Nazgul was very active girl. Even recommendations by adults to be more careful didn’t work on her. There was one thing that little Nazgul couldn’t resist of; she was crazy about any kind of sweets. Thus, when her uncle asked her to push-up in order to get some candy, little girl unconditionally took the deal. That’s how being 3-4 years old she learned different kinds of push-ups. She also remembers 90-ies, when all her family gathered together in order to watch bouts of bushido, boxing or UFC on TV and she did it also with all.

As a student, she began to try herself in fitness. Then she decided to evaluate her skills on higher level and try herself at competitions. And by accidental she got acquainted with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which turned out, was just what she wanted. So, one day she was invited by her friend to attend jiu-jitsu training session and after the first training she fell in love with this sport. It turned out quite well, as fitness classes were not in vain, but it also was necessary to master the base and improve the technique.

“My first classes of jiu-jitsu weren’t difficult. At first it was necessary to improve the technique, because jiu-jitsu is like chess in many respects. It is necessary to think quickly and control the whole body at the same time. There is an expression: “Jiu-Jitsu changed my life”. It is really true; during the training I reconsidered lots of things and became calmer. I’m not aggressive in daily life, but not on mat. To my mind, person who is engaged in any kind of sports will feel mental changes over time. At first it can be hard, then it turns into a habit, and after sportsmen begin to love it”.

There are no such words as “I can’t do it” during the training. All the time, sportsman improves and develops techniques because as jiu-jitsu fighters usually say: “when judo wrestlers complete their fights, fighters just start it”.

“I accept both losses and victories without difficulties. There is always an advantage, because victory does not bring such benefits as defeat does. There is such an expression that one competition can replace a hundred of training sessions. And that is true, as that’s how you improve your skills. So, the next day at mat your technique is much better”, – noted Nazgul.

Nazgul Rakhaeva is a member of the jiu-jitsu national team of Kazakhstan. There are hundreds of sparring sessions she went through. She has knowledges of dangerous but effective methods, such as armbar (painful elbow), mill (throw), suffocating tricks “chowk” or “triangle”. In 2016 Nazgul became the champion of Kazakhstan in jiu-jitsu and took the “gold” of the international tournament “AlmatyOpen 2016”. Nazgul is focused on self-improvement, which leads to improvements of her technique. She dreams to win the World champion title for her country.


Last modified: October 4, 2017

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