SC “Tiger” (Ivano-Frankovsk)


“Tiger” sport club isn’t just a regular sport section for kids and adults. It’s a big family consisting of more than 400 children, their parents and trainers.

The club’s main goal is to raise healthy, strong and all-round intellectually developed children. Here you will find not only professional athletes but talented artists and musicians as well. Now, the club has ten highly professional instructors. In addition, annually, coaching staff improves qualification level with the help of world-class mentors.

Coaches along with club members regularly take part in regional and Ukrainian sport competitions. “Tiger” sport club is a part of steadily and confidently developing chain of clubs, number of which has been continuing to increase in Ivano-Frankovsk. Also, club members actively participate in social projects which are implemented by non-governmental organizations in Ivano-Frankovsk city. Moreover, “Tiger” club provides various benefits for vulnerable children, as well as numerous loyalty programs for its members.




Last modified: November 21, 2017

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