The Pro Grappling Event That Has Already Paid Out Over $500K This Year


If the professionalism, rock star-like experience, exposure, and ability to compete on the same stage as your jiu-jitsu heroes isn’t enough to convince you to try to get on this show, let the numbers speak for themselves. 

Fight To Win Pro has paid out exactly $512,960 to its athletes so far this year, and we haven’t even hit August yet. Basically, if you want to get paid to win matches, the F2W stage is the place to showcase your skills.

F2W promoter and CEO Seth Daniels set a goal at the beginning of the year to hit $1 million in fighter payout for 2017, and though it hasn’t been easy, his team’s efforts have quite literally paid off. The promotion has averaged $25,648 in fighter payout per show through its first 20 events, which is a whopping 25 percent more than Fight To Win achieved in 2016.  “A lot of the markets where we were very successful last year have been oversaturated and ruined with copy cats, so it’s much harder this year,” Daniels said. It’s not about to get any easier, either. The promotion only has 17 events left before the year comes to a close, including Fight To Win Pro 42 on Friday in Delmont, PA. F2W needs to pay out $28,649 per show, which means that it would need to increase ticket sales by 10 percent and decrease expenses by 5 percent.

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Last modified: July 28, 2017

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