Vitor Oliveira Defeats AJ Agazarm At F2W Pro 41


Fight to Win Pro 41 brought thirty intense matches to Columbus, Ohio.

The main event was everything you’d expect from two athletes like Vitor Oliveira and AJ Agazarm.

Agazarm started the match by pulling guard, which Oliveira struggled to pass. With four minutes left, Oliveira attempted a choke that Agazarm managed to escape before both opponents returned to their feet. Although Oliveira shot for a takedown on his opponent, Agazarm was able to defend it and regained guard. With less than a minute remaining, Oliveira went for a choke and then an armlock, but wasn’t able to finish before the clock ran out. The judges ended up awarding Oliveira the win by unanimous decision.

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Last modified: July 24, 2017

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