Xande Ribeiro to face Roberto Cyborg in Copa Podio Superfight


Roberto Cyborg Abreu will be dueling another bjj great Xande Ribeiro as a part of the latest Copa Podio Grand Prix.

Roberto Cyborg has been in the news quite a bit lately with the beef he has with a former student being aired. The city of Manaus will host for the first time Copa Podio, with the Grand Prix of Medium Weights and a breathtaking super fight!

“As the Vikings have already won two team contests, I decided to let them wait and pit two teams – Pantaneiros and Caboclos. Xande and Cyborg are the representatives of these two teams and were a natural choice just as it was to have Braulio Estima face Alexander Trans of the Vikings. The difficult thing in making a match between Xande and Cyborg was finding an agreed upon weight division in which they will step on the mat. After much negotiations, a middle ground has been found and the fight is on” – said the president of Copa Podio Jeferson Mayca.

Elsewhere on the Middleweight Grand Prix Isque Bahiense, Espen Mathiasen will be dueling names such as Gregor Gracie, Rudson Mateus, Tommy Langaker and Fellipe Trovo.

Source Link: http://www.bjjee.com

Last modified: November 9, 2017

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