Chael Sonnen got an unexpected Jiu-Jitsu promotion


Chael Sonnen has been promoted to brown belt in BJJ by his instructor Fabiano “Pegа Leve” Scherner, after having spent 3 years at purple belt.

During this time at purple belt, he competed multiple times in No Gi grappling superfights, having drawn with Babalu Sobral at Metamoris 6, drawn with Michael Bisping, defeated Leo Vieira.

3 years ago, Sonnen had been promoted straight from white belt to purple belt by Scherner which raised a lot of criticism from BJJ purists. When asked why he did that, the instructor told the story: “Sonnen is already training Jiu Jitsu with me for years. And for what he shows on the mat at my gym, with and without the Gi, he is on the level of purple belt”.

Here is a very cool video of Chael rolling with his instructor:

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Last modified: October 13, 2017

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