Felipe Pena: I’m Still Waiting for Gordon Ryan to Accept Gi Challenge


Felipe Pena is probably one of the biggest powerhouses in bjj today if not the single biggest one.

The buff 26 year old didn’t always enjoy training – this is why he got a nickname preguica meaning sloth/lazy. Pena is a back taking artist and finished almost all of his ADCC fights from the back including Absolute finals. As far as back taking and victory over Gordon Ryan goes Pena says:

“He’s a guy who really shows off an intricate, no-gimmie game, he’s got a lot of knee and heel braces, which surprises Jiu-Jitsu competitors. He started appearing in the media challenging others on the internet, and even has a strong game. But in that event he proved to have a very complete game, because nobody can champion know only one or another aspect of the ground fight. It was our second fight: at first, he challenged me without a kimono, under his rules, without time, and I accepted – I trained a lot and I finished it. Now I’m waiting for him to accept my challenge: a kimono fight with me. Who knows this fight does not come out?

Source Link: http://www.bjjee.com/articles/adcc-absolute-champ-felipe-pena-im-still-waiting-gordon-ryan-accept-gi-challenge/

Last modified: November 9, 2017

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