Gianni Grippo and Justin Rader Put On Thriller At Fight To Win Pro 51


Fight To Win Pro rolled into NYC tonight with one of the most stacked cards the promotion has ever put on.

Though the original main event between JT Torres and Benson Henderson was called off at the last minute due to injury, there was still plenty of action to be had as the best teams on the East Coast vied for bragging rights.

Grippo & Rader Deliver Epic Match

Undaunted by the prospect of becoming the headline bout, Gianni Grippo and Justin Rader put on an absolute thriller of a match. Grippo hit a slick sweep from Reverse DLR and entered into his patented leg drag passing system. Rader stayed collected and managed to bring the fight back to a neutral position on the feet. From there, it became a battle of toeholds, each man slamming on submission attempts for the remaining minutes of the round.

When the dust settled, the judges awarded Gianni Grippo the split-decision victory and he became the Fight To Win Pro Lightweight No-Gi champion.

Murilo & Shields Go The Distance

The co-main event saw Jake Shields and Unity leader Murilo Santana go head-to-head. Measured from the beginning, Jake Shields spent a majority of the match attempting to pressure pass Murilo’s guard. The judges awarded Shields the split decision victory.
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Last modified: November 9, 2017

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