Warrior Xande Ribeiro Drops Weight But Still Packs A Punch In Seventh ADCC


The 2017 ADCC in Espoo, Finland, was Xande’s seventh appearance in the prestigious no-gi tournament. He promised to deliver, and he did just that.

Submission wins over the dangerous wrestlers John Salter and Rustam Chsiev kickstarted Xande’s campaign on Saturday, with both wins coming by way of simple armbars that came from traditional closed-guard setups.

Xande later threw his hat in the ring for the absolute division: Another armbar against Tero Pyylampi of Finland in the opening round saw Xande face +99kg champion Marcus Buchecha in the quarterfinal, the first time they have ever faced each other in competition (whether gi or no-gi).

The 15-minute match was an incredible display of heart from both men, with the 50lb-heavier Buchecha taking the win on points (3-0) in overtime.

Ribeiro is 36 now and has accumulated more ADCC matches in his career than anybody else. He came into this tournament with 36 ADCC matches on his resume. He left with an additional six, making a total of 42.

A two-time ADCC champion, a seven-time IBJJF World champion and a two-time IBJJF no-gi world champion Xande Ribeiro, said that more than once that he felt it was maybe time to start winding down his career.

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Last modified: November 9, 2017

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