ADCC Champ Gets Choked Unconscious In 46 Seconds


A former ADCC champ got put to sleep in less than a minute in one of the fastest submissions of the day at the IBJJF Brazilian No-Gi National Championships on Sunday.

 Rani Yahya, the ADCC winner at -66kg in 2007, is a noted no-gi specialist and an MMA fighter with a 24-9-0 (1 NC) record. He also took a silver medal at the 2005 ADCC World Championships.

 Facing Thiago Abreu of Checkmat in final of the lightweight division, Yahya shot in from distance and looked to pick up a single, but Abreu snatched a guillotine choke that led to the ref having to stop the match only seconds later.

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Last modified: October 9, 2017

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