Gianni Grippo’s finish at the Atlanta Summer Open


Featherweight black-belt Gianni Grippo has had a great season so far for the IBJJF.

Just two weeks ago at the San Diego BJJ Pro, Grippo won the gold and the $4,ooo prize money, winning his first-ever BJJ Pro and breaking his slump in the middle division. Now this past weekend at the Atlanta Summer Open he took gold in his division and lost the close ref decision in the open-class final again Horlando Moteiro.

Since the IBJJF World Championships, Grippo has taken first in his division at every IBJJF event he’s registered for. Boston Summer, Washington, D.C. Open, San Diego BJJ Pro and now the Atlanta Summer. He has beaten tough opponents like Shane Hill-Taylor, Silvio Duran and Alexandre Molinaro.

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Last modified: November 9, 2017

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